PICA~ eating non food substances.

What is pica?

🤦Eating of non food substances is PICA. usually kids eat dirt
clay, paint, plaster, chalk, cigarette butts, Ice, buttons, paper, sand, toothpaste and soap.

🤷Why does it happen?

*Nutritional deficiencies, such as iron or zinc, that may trigger specific cravings in kids cause them to eat these things.
*Parental neglect due to newborn in the family or other family issues
*Developmental problems

♥️What to do??

Talk to him about it:
Explain the child that these foreign bodies can get stuck in his throat and cause issues.
*Get a CBC and iron profile done.

Whom to contact?

👩‍⚕️ Visit a pediatrician who can assess him for other nutritional deficiencies that might be causing this craving.

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