Chocolate eclair dessert!!



*Good quality milk chocolate 🍫 (the normal chocolate)) chopped 200 grams. I took Dairy milk.
*Coffee 1 teaspoon
*Cream 2 cups (400 ml) + ½ cup (100 ml) for topping. I took 2 packets Olpers cream and half packet for topping.
*Cocoa powder 1tablespoon(Optional as it is my addition)
*Vanilla pudding or plain egg pudding 1 sachet
(rafhan egg pudding or creme caramel ). I took Rafhan caramel pudding. Save the Caramel sachet for later.
Milk 2 cups
Tea biscuits 2 half rolls (For e.g. Marie, Gluco etc) i took Marie
Crushed nuts or chocolate for garnish.


1. In a heatproof bowl, microwave cream, chocolate, coffee and cocoa powder together for 1-2 mins. Mix well.🥣 Alternately, you can use a double boiler to melt cream, chocolate and coffee.

2. In a dish, place a layer of biscuits.

3. Take 2 cups milk and bring it to boil, add pudding sachet and mix well. Steaming pudding is ready.

* Preparation for Layering:
On the counter top place the dish in which you are making the dessert (that already has biscuit layer in it) and the bowl containing the chocolate mix.
On the stove keep the pan with the pudding mix since it will be piping hot.
Do this arrangement or somewhat similar so that layering is easy.

A. On top of the biscuits layer pour half of the warm pudding with the help of a deep spoon. Be careful, if you pour large quantity in one go all the biscuits will start to float. So pour it gradually.
B. Wait for a minute or two then top with 1/3rd of the chocolate mixture. Pour in a zig zag pattern to create design. Its okay if the design is not perfect or anything. This wont be visible.
C. Now repeat the layers.
Layer with biscuits, pudding and the remaining chocolate mixture. And its also okay if some biscuits start to float upon pouring the remaining pudding mix.
Wait for a minute or two. Let them set.
D. Now Completely cover the top with the remaining chocolate mixture.
E. Whip 1/2 cup for 3-4 minutes till soft peaks are formed. OR put the unopened box of cream in freezer for 15-20 mins. Cut a tiny hole in it and using this box like your pen make a design of your choice on your dessert.
F. Top the chocolate mixture with whipped cream, and garnish with nuts and grated chocolate.
G. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours.

An OPTIONAL topping while serving can be pouring that sachet of Caramel that we had saved from the pudding. Tastes amazing 😋

Photographic Recap!

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