~Lets make a gol gol roti 🌏👍❤

I am doctor Alhamdulilah who is on a break from work these days and playing the role of a house wife… Which i believe is tougher 🙈.
Alhamdulilah getting hang of almost every thing but making rotiz was a nightmare. Started off with pakistan map followed by Srilankas map. Now at the level of Australian map. Goal goal duniya banaee nahin jatee 🙆total siyaaapa.😂
Medical ki parhai se darr nahin lagta sahab, roti bananay se lagta hai. 🙈🙈🙈🙈
Karachi chefs at home has played an important role in helping me handle my kitchen in the best possible manner. But when i saw all the roti post i would go crazy that why aint i able to do it…as if that wasn’t enough that ladies started sharing their little little kids making rotiz. Made me hold my heart and say idhar dard hotee hai, idhaaarr❤👈!!💔
But i wasnt gonna give up. Ask family members they would make videos and send me saying “youn karo, youn karo aur dekho bun gaee, garma garam goal goal roti”. And i would go like youuuuunnnnn kesay karoun! 😰😰😰
Saw a lot of videos and read a lot of blogs… picked up peoples techniques that they themselves were unable to explain in words.. Put them to practice and Alhamdulilah i am a lot better now.
So, sharing my insight with you guys. Will be glad if i could be of some use.
The first and foremost is that there is no one step in making the perfect roti. From A to Z each and every step is important. Miss one teeny weeny step and u will be at a loss.
Say Bismillah and talk to Allah, requesting him that you are making roti for your loved ones may he help u and put barkat in it.
For goondhofying aata first let it pass through a sieve (channi) put a pinch of salt and 1 tbsp oil. Make a well in the centre put water little at a time and keep mixing. Use warm water. Knead with you knuckles. At the end take one drop oil over your plam and gently spread it over the surface. Let the aata sit for 20 to 30 mins.
Then pluck a small amout for paera. Put it in ur left palm. Using ur right hands fingers try to fold the edges inside merging with the base. Do this on all sides of the paera.

Then upside down it on ur left palm and using right palm start making a ball out of it. There should be no cracks.
Tawa should be on the stove now.
When the perfect paera is ready put it in chakki (the powdered ata) and press slighly then upside down it to coat other side with chakki as well. Its a flat disc now.
Use the left hand to hold the disk (lightly) from the centre between the thumb and the fingers. This hand will work like a pivot over which we can rotate this disc. Now check right hands position. The pulp at the base of the right thumb will hold the disc on one side and the fingers on the other side. The pulpy part of right thumb will be used to flaten it further.
This should be done over the chakla… So that all extra chakki falls over it and can be used for preventing stickiness.. The circle disc shape should be persistent.
Once done. Put it over the chakla and pick up the belan. You have to decide whats the best position for you to use this rolling pin. For me, best is 12 to 7 position as in a clock. This direction ↙↙ helps me flatten the edges while maintaining the shape.
All this time using right hand to ghomaofy the roti.
Roll, ghumaofy, roll ghumaofy. Do this till you attain the perfect size and the goal goal shape is maintained

Put the roti on the already hot tawa. Watch the roti. You will see bubbles coming on upper side. Thats a sign. Using right hand ghumaofy the rotiin any one direction.The thumb and the ring fingers work for me. One to two turns and then you flip. Ghumaofy using the same trick the roti will start rising inshaa Allah. At this moment ur Safi or malmal kapra should be ready use that to ghumaofy it now. Where the roti rises from there u have to put safi but verrryyy lightly. Your touch should be good to just produce a movement, no pressing. Flip do the same and your gol gol roti is ready.
For every one different things work. Hope you get to learn something from my experience. 😊😊🙋

#finallyhatching 🆗✔✅♥🐣

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