~Art in a roti.

So what if i cant belo-fy a perfect circle⭕ roti🙈, moreover what if my roti looks like the Pakistan map🌏🙈🙊. What counts is that i knead✊👊✊👊 the dough with love💟, belofy the paera with affection and sekofy 👏 on one side with happiness and other with joy🌈. Finally end it with Smiles ka tarka😊
Whats more to it💡… My husband👨 completely ignores🔍 the irregular shape🌏, the uneveness 〰of the roti and also the uneven toasting on each side.. And eats as if it 💭 is the best fluffy phulka he has ever had.💯 Thisssss 👍gives me the strength, courage and enthusiasm to stand infront of the stove the next day🌞 and the day🌄 after that and after that.🌞🌄 .
💑 #couplesthing 👫
#foreigners 🚣
#recipefordisaster ♨

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